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ACOP L8 Guidance & code for Legionnaires' Disease

Approved Code of Practice and Guidance document titled Legionnaires'' disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems (L8) is drafted by the Health and Safety Executive. The document provides compliance advice on the control of Legionella bacteria. The ACOP L8 code has legal status as per UK Health and Safety Law and persons not complying with it can be prosecuted. The Code sets out responsibilities and provides guidance to employers, water treatment companies, installers and other service providers to control the spread of Legionnaires' Disease.

What is Legionnaires' Disease?

Legionnaires' Disease is a serious form of pneumonia caused by a bacterium called Legionella. The disease is more prevalent in men and mainly affects middle-aged and elderly. Smokers and people with chest problems are more vulnerable to Legionnaires' Disease. High temperature, fever, cough, muscle pains and headache are some the symptoms of the disease. It is combination of one or more diseases that is a symptom of Legionnaires'. Legionella is found in water sources such as rivers and lakes. However, the bacteria may also be found in artificial water systems such as cooling towers, pool water, spas and other water storage places.

How to control Legionnaires' Disease?

It is very important to have an effective water treatment product installed to curb the growth of the bacteria. All cooling systems and other places of water storage must be cleaned using various methods. In addition, the ACOP L8 Code needs to be complied and discovering an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease needs to be reported to Health and Safety Executive or any other local authority.

The Code and Guidance also entrusts responsibility on employers to maintain proper water treatment installations. The employers are also legally obliged to report cases of Legionnaires' disease to Health and Safety Executive. You can obtain a copy of the Code by contacting the office of Health and Safety Executive to find about your legal responsibilities to prevent Legionnaires' disease.

should you require a water treatment company then it is advisable to verify the ACOP L8 guidance compliance before entering in to the agreement. Howlett Associates Water Treatment comply with the Code and Guidance

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