Hiring a Legionella Treatment Specialist – Why Choose Us?

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

Legionella is a harmful disease. Unlike most diseases, this is not a contagion that spreads from one person to another. Instead, the legionella bacterium is naturally found in warm water. The disease is extremely common throughout the United Kingdom and affects thousands of people every year. The number one cause of this disease is improperly cleaned water tubs and infected plumbing systems.

If the water- holding equipment is not cleaned properly, the legionella germ may infest it. This can lead to a special type of pneumonia, known as legionellosis. It is also commonly referred to as the Legionnaires’ disease. Over time, legionella can infest virtually any water- holding equipment, ranging from geysers to hot tubs. That’s why you need the help of a professional legionella treatment specialist.

Who Are We?

Howlett Associates is one of the country’s leading water treatment companies. Over the years, we have rapidly evolved and currently offer a number of water treatment services. We currently offer our services across the United Kingdom, including Scotland. Apart from standard legionella treatment, we also offer a number of other water system treatments.

Why Us?

Over the years that we have been in service, Howlett has built a name for itself based on its unmatched quality of service. All the work that we do conforms to ISO9001 system procedures. We actively study local legislation and acquaint ourselves with local guidelines. As a result, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our treatment specialists know the legionella code of practice and guidance, and we regularly update ourselves with any changes. We use only the best legionella treatment methods, making sure that the equipment or plumbing system is completely disinfected before leaving the premises. If you are worried about a legionella infestation in your house, call us and we’ll get rid of it for you!

Legionella Risk Assessment- Understanding the Risks Involved

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

Waterborne diseases are not very common throughout the United Kingdom. However, unless you take appropriate measures to prevent such diseases, many harmful aquatic ailments may become prevalent. One of the most damaging diseases is Legionella.

We understand that only a handful of people really understand what Legionella is, as well as how the disease spread. Carrying out a periodical legionella risk assessment could be crucial to saving yourself from a number of very harmful diseases to attack your body. At Howlett Associates, we offer a range of different services, designed to make life easy for our customers.

What is Legionella?

Legionella is one of the most common cases of waterborne diseases. Unless you carry out a legionella risk assessment at regular intervals, your place may succumb to this disease. Given the fact that it is a microscopic condition, it can’t be detected by your naked eye.

How Does It Spread?

Over the years, Howlett Associates has carried out legionella risk assessments in a variety of different locations. Unlike most diseases, legionella is not contagious. In natural circumstances, the bacterium is found in warm water. For instance, improperly cleaned hot tubs are one of the prime causes of legionella.

If the tub has not been cleaned, and another person bathes or breathes in the steam from the hot tub, they can get infected with this disease. Similarly, it is also commonly found in plumbing systems and other water- holding equipment, such as fountains, etc.

What Do We Do?

We are one of the most reliable water treatment companies in the United Kingdom. Over the years, we have perfected our methods in order to provide an unparalleled service to our clients. Our job is simple: we will root legionella from all parts of your plumbing system and disinfect all water- holding equipment for you.

Legionella Treatment: Some Essential Facts You Should Know

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

Legionnaire’s Disease is a bacterial infection form of pneumonia which Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd. is working dedicatedly to eradicate from our water systems. It is most common among men, both middle-aged and elderly. Those who smoke or have a chest problem are likely going to be affected the most. Symptoms of Legionnaire’s Disease include high temperature, headaches, cough, muscle pain and fever. It is very important to undergo Legionella treatment of water systems to prevent the multiplication and dissemination of Legionella bacteria.

Treating Legionella

Here are the necessary procedures we undertake at our customer’s locations for Legionella Treatment:

  • Installing an effective water treatment product that will reduce or completely stop the growth of the bacteria,
  • Cleaning all cooling systems and anywhere else there is water storage using a variety of appropriate cleaning methods,
  • Insuring that employers abide by the Code and Practice, which requires that proper water treatment installations are put in place.

How We Are Different From Other Companies Offering Legionella Treatment

We work in close cooperation with our clients to make sure every appropriate water treatment system is established for their location. In addition, our team of experts encourage employers to draw up a simple hygiene process along with setting up a regular water treatment program. It is our belief that people will be able to escape being infected by Legionnaire’s Disease if the UK laws on Health and Safety are properly implemented and followed.
What separates us from other water treatment companies out there is our strong commitment to quality, efficiency, and superb customer service. We utilize the latest technology in our water treatment programs, and we offer maintenance service for clients who want to maintain a culture of hygiene and healthy water systems in their workplace. We strongly believe in the assertion that “health is wealth,” and our services are constantly geared towards satisfying all our clients’ needs.

Legionella Risk Assessment for Water Systems in London

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd has been at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate Legionnaire’s Disease, a lung infection that may affect people in their workplaces. It is required by law in the UK to undertake Legionella Risk Assessment at workplaces in London in order to prevent this deadly disease from being passed from one person to another.

How to Carry Out This Important Risk Assessment?

As required by laws such as the UK Health and Safety Executive L8 (ACOP L8), and the guidelines of the Health and Safety Commission, the first step to making sure Legionnaire’s disease is banished from workplaces in London is to undertake a comprehensive London Legionella Risk Assessment. This will reveal how much exposure people in certain workplaces may have to this disease. It involves reviewing the facility’s design, maintenance, and operations at each workplace. A water treatment program may be instituted to help reduce the occurrence rate of pathogens carried by water.

How Will Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd Accomplish This?

We are an ISO-certified water treatment company and we have successfully carried out Legionella Risk Assessment in many workplaces in London. Our team are experts in the most advanced water treatment technology. We work strictly in accordance with the requirements of UK health laws and Code of Practice, such as the Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice, Guideline (L8) document and BS8580: 2010, which is the British standard for Legionella Risk Assessments. We usually review the existing water systems at the place of inspection, check the risk rating of all the systems, and make appropriate recommendations for improvements. We also manage the regular maintenance of water systems to make sure that everything is in compliance with the laws of the UK, and that people are not carelessly exposed to Legionnaire’s Disease.

Legionella Treatment Ensures the Public Is Kept Safe

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

In our work at Howlett Associates, we know how important it is to keep the public safe from waterborne pathogens and disease. We comply with the UK’s requirements on keeping people disease-free and secure from such illnesses as Legionnaire’s disease. We make sure that facilities follow Legionella treatment processes that ensure workers and visitors are kept safe from water sources that may cause sickness or the pneumonia known as Legionnaire’s disease.

Influencing Public Safety

Legionella treatment processes must adhere to the guidelines established by the Health and Safety Commission as well as the UK Health & Safety Executive L8. We at Howlett Associates offer a risk assessment that serves to confirm that companies follow these high standards of safety.

Eliminating Complications

Undoubtedly, it is essential that Legionella treatment processes are followed by facilities and companies as Legionnaire’s disease is a pneumonia that can prove to be fatal in some cases. Besides the symptoms of lethargy, headache and general malaise, complications from the ailment can lead to such conditions as septic shock.

Septic Shock: A Complication of Legionnaire’s Disease

Septic shock can occur when the blood pressure suddenly drops, which significantly reduces the circulation to vital organs, especially to the brain and kidneys. In turn, the heart, in an effort to compensate, tries to pump more blood throughout the system. However, the extra load reduces the flow even more.

Toxin Accumulation

Toxins can also build up in the system as the result of failing kidneys – another reason why we, at Howlett Associates, are devoted, along with the government, to keeping Legionnaire’s disease out of public places and businesses.

Established Criteria

We want to serve the needs of both the government and the public. That is why our risk assessments for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens have been made the established criteria for preventing illnesses in commercial and public establishments.

Legionella Risk Assessment Prevents Problems with Legionnaire’s Disease

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

Our job at Howlett Associates is to make sure that the pipes that carry potable water are free of Legionella bacteria or the germ that carries the pneumonia known as Legionnaire’s disease. That is why we also conduct Legionella risk assessment tests on areas where the water can convey an aerosol type spray. These plumbing spots can include cooling towers, spa baths, showers, air conditioning humidifiers, and irrigation systems.

We Comply With the UK Governmental Standards for Risk Assessment

We work to comply with the UK government’s requirement that all water systems be evaluated with a legionella risk assessment test. As a result, our Legionella risk assessment is conducted so that it features an overview of a facility’s maintenance and design as well as the treatment programs that are used to minimise the danger associated with waterborne disease.

Our Legionella risk assessment and our other programmes, which address waterborne diseases, have been established in accordance with the guidelines set by the UK Health & Safety Executive L8 and HSC (Health and Safety Commission).

A Commitment to Public Safety

That is why our company is fully committed to running the tests necessary to make sure that workers in buildings and the public are kept safe. Although anyone can contract the Legionella bacterium, the people who are the most susceptible to the disease include smokers, individuals with weakened immune system and people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, kidney disease or emphysema.

Because Legionnaire’s disease can be the cause of life-threatening complications, we make every effort necessary to make sure our Legionella risk assessment renders a safe and disease-free workplace. Complications that can result from the pneumonia called Legionnaire’s disease can include septic shock, respiratory failure or acute kidney failure.

We at Howlett Associates assess Legionella risk by requiring a site survey and a review of a facility’s water systems. We overview existing records and look at the lines of responsibility as well as an asset register that covers all plant and services.

Why You Need a Water Risk Assessment for Your Company

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

A water risk assessment performed by Howlett Associates Water Treatment, Ltd. is designed to test your water and water systems to ensure there are no harmful bacteria present or risk factors that may cause Legionnaires disease and other health problems. We perform this task for two reasons; to protect your building and its inhabitants from harmful disease, and to ensure your business’ compliance with water hygiene regulations.

Our company provides outstanding service for all of your water hygiene needs. We can perform the risk assessment by sampling your water supply and testing for risk factors. We also sanitise your water system by using dispersants, specialist inhibitors, and biocides. In addition to these services, we may make weekly visits to monitor the temperature of the water in your system. Keeping it at an appropriate level may help inhibit bacterial growth.

How Your Water Can Harm You

One of the biggest goals of having a water risk assessment performed is to ensure the safety of your building and its inhabitants from Legionnaires disease. Legionnaire’s disease is a bacterial form of pneumonia that is spread through air and water particles. There are also other risks associated with water, most often bacterial related disease.

The water systems that are most likely to encourage bacterial growth include spray taps, Jacuzzis, water heaters, and more. Any water system that is between 20C and -45C is at risk for Legionnaires disease and other bacterial growth.


Having water risk assessment performed may be a required compliance issue. Whether you are a homeowner that rents out your property, the landlord of an apartment building, or the owner of an office or other work building, compliance with water hygiene is essential. The goal of requiring compliance is to ensure the safety of your building and its inhabitants.

How Proper Water Treatment in London Can Benefit Your Health

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

One of the reasons that London water treatment is so critical is the prevention of the spread of disease. One disease that is frequently spread through water droplets is Legionnaires disease, a type of bacterial pneumonia. This can easily spread through spas, water spray systems, hot water heaters, and more. If your water system is between 20C and -45C, then you may be at risk for breeding Legionnaires disease. Luckily, Howlett Associates Water Treatment, Ltd. can be there to examine and treat your water. We offer water treatment services throughout London and surrounding areas to ensure Legionella and other bacteria are not breeding in your water supply.

Ensuring Your Health

There are many systems that operate at ideal temperatures that are ideal for Legionella and other bacteria. Our company examines each of these systems to ensure that your home or business is not spreading Legionnaires disease to the people drinking or bathing in your water. This requires diligence. This is the reason that we frequently contract with home and business owners for in and around London for water treatment.

The Process

There are several ways that are company works to provide water treatment in London and surrounding areas. First, we offer cleaning and disinfectant services for many different water systems. If there are bacteria living in these areas, it can easily be removed. Our professionals also inspect and test samples of water, for Legionella and other harmful bacteria. Some of the other services we frequently provide to our customers include chemical testing, weekly inspections for potentially hazardous water systems, and monitoring the temperature of your water. Some of the chemicals we frequently use include biocides, dispersants, and specialist inhibitors. Our years of experience at Howlett Associates guarantee that the services we provide to you will protect the safety of your building and its inhabitants.

Do Your Part in Maintaining Proper Water Treatment in London

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

There are many diseases that can be spread through water systems if they are not properly treated. With the safety and health of the general public in mind, legislation now places high liabilities on the line for any building operator in charge of a water system to make sure that they are maintaining their systems to the highest standards. Water treatment in London is the law, and fortunately, it is simple to get the assistance of a well-qualified water treatment company.

Legionnaires Disease Control

A significant point of risk control has been focused on reducing the spread of Legionnaires Disease, otherwise known as pneumonia. This lung infection can be contracted through any water system that generates an aerosol. Examples of this type of water system include

  • Air conditioning humidifiers
  • Cooling towers
  • Irrigation systems
  • Spa baths
  • Showers

If you are the operator of any of these types of water systems, it is your duty to ensure that you are receiving the proper water treatment London services from a qualified water treatment company.

The Leading Water Treatment Company in London

One leading water treatment company in the UK today is Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited. They have been registered to the newest standards for Legionella Risk Assessment Services as well as the Provision of Water Treatment and Chemical Cleaning Products. They are very proactive in keeping up to date with legislative requirements and technological developments. Their range of high quality products and superior technical service ensure the complete satisfaction of each and every customer.

Whether you are looking for treatment for a domestic water tank or an industrial tower, the highly skilled staff at Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited is here to assist with all your water treatment services in London. Do your part in keeping London safe and healthy by always maintaining your water systems.

Keep Your Water Safe and Your Workers Healthy – Get a Water Risk Assessment

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Water risk assessment programs are being organized by water treatment companies such as Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited to help ensure that anyone who works around a water system avoids every possible chance of contracting Legionnaires Disease, otherwise known as pneumonia. This is a lung infection that can be contracted through any water system that generates an aerosol. Such water systems include cooling towers and conditioning humidifiers, showers and spa baths, and irrigation systems.

It’s the Law

Water risk assessment tests are legally required to be carried out within the UK as a legionella risk assessment for any water system. The professionals at Howlett Associates have extensive experience in undertaking and completing water risk assessment tests, specializing in Legionella risk assessment.

Assessment Details

Legionella assessment programs have been specially developed, according to the given guidelines and practices officially recommend by the UK Health and Safety Executives L8. Requirements to be carried out for water risk assessment London services include

  • A full site survey to document the water systems in place
  • Photographs of the site and water systems in place
  • Asset register and risk rating for all plants and services
  • Recommendations and schematic drawing for all plants and services
  • A maintenance plan according to the risk rating and guidelines

It is important to maintain the utmost standards of safety when working around any water system. To find a highly qualified company providing Water Risk Assessment in London, begin with Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited. They are knowledgeable and follow every guideline to ensure the best results with your assessment and maintenance plan. Keep your water safe and your workers healthy. Get a water risk assessment right away.