Protection from Waterborne Diseases

Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Waterborne bacteria are common nowadays, putting numerous people at risk whenever they unknowingly consume water with the microorganisms. Unfortunately, there is no physical evidence that tells you whether the liquid is infested by microbes or not, making water treatment not just a luxury but a necessity.

Bacteria in Your Water

Waterborne bacteria are considered highly dangerous by the UK government, and they require cooling tower treatment for all companies. Legionella – the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease – is one of the most commonly tested for microbes. Other common bacterium includes dysentery, e. coli, and cholera. Although modern science has found a way to successfully treat conditions caused by these germs, fatalities are still high especially if diagnosis and treatment are administered late.

According to statistics, with Legionella alone, there have been more than half a million reported cases. Most of them are part of an outbreak, which generally means that the contaminated water came only from one source.

Water Treatment Options

Preventing waterborne bacteria is better than treating the illness, especially in a work setting. Although antibiotics are widely available, becoming sick can hinder a person’s ability to function. Now imagine an outbreak in the office or a hotel – the results would be disastrous as the workforce is forcibly crippled by the condition.

Periodic use of water softener and treatment is usually the best option to ensure safety. There are currently DIY water testing kits that can help you determine the presence of bacteria while installation of water softener equipment has become common.

Of course, these testing kits and softeners are often limited in their scope. For a thorough check, it’s best to consult a cooling tower treatment facility like Howlett Associates. Companies like Howlett are armed with years of experience in the industry, allowing them the use of state-of-the-art technology to detect and provide comprehensive services including steam boiler treatment.

About Howlett Associates

Based in the UK, the company is currently one of the biggest and most trusted water treatment service providers. Their services extend to air testing and steam boiler treatment. Considering how many waterborne bacteria can also be launched through the wind, the involvement of air quality testing is equally important. In accordance with UK laws, Howlett follows ACOP L8 guidelines and ISO9001 procedures to make sure that all known water bacteria are ruled out and treated accordingly.

Water is not something people can simply ignore or live without. This is why it’s crucial to protect and keep it safe at all costs to ensure a continuously healthy and productive lifestyle. For this reason, proper water testing shouldn’t be considered an irritating expense but rather, a lifesaving investment.