Legionella Risk Assessment Services

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

When it comes to air and water borne diseases, prevention is always better than the cure. This is why the UK government now requires every business or building to undergo legionella risk assessment to ensure the safety of tenants, employees and other people residing or working within the structure.

The seriousness of the situation usually means that companies only hire the best water treatment facilities. Reputable legionella risk assessment service providers such as Howlett Associates (HA), are usually chosen because of their vast experiences and excellent reputations in the industry. Offering water and air treatments, HA has all the necessary high-tech tools to find and prevent possible causes of legionnaires disease.

Other services of the company include but are not limited to:

Air and Water Treatment – Howlett Associates is armed with the latest technology for detecting water and airborne bacteria. It is also capable of measuring CO2 presence in a room and eventually minimizes unfriendly air to upgrade breathing quality.

Cooling Tower Treatment – Cooling towers are specifically vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Howlett Associates keeps them safe for use through chemicals designed to prevent corrosion, microbiological fouling and suspended solids. Thanks to HA’s extensive experience with this type of service, it is capable of assessing the exact problem in cooling towers and providing a targeted approach for better results.

Water Softening – Water directly coming from the city is usually laden with chemicals that accumulate on the pipes over time. The white crusting found at the mouth of faucets becomes widespread in the plumbing, effectively blocking and compromising the flow of water. Through HA’s water softening services, the liquid is “filtered” even before it passes through the building pipes. This ensures that the chemicals are removed from the water, allowing your plumbing to last for decades instead of just a few years.

Basic Maintenance

Howlett Associates also offers basic maintenance work to ensure the operational safety of cooling towers, water tanks, air-cooling systems and more. Some of these services include re-coatings, specialty paints, replacements, modifications, de-scaling and others. These cheap and routine maintenance jobs lower the risk of big future problems for a company.

Legionnaires disease along with other water and airborne health conditions, can be fatal when not treated quickly. In a confined environment, such as an office or a factory, this bacteria’s presence can spread like wildfire, effectively crippling a company’s workforce. This is why big businesses consider legionella risk assessment as a necessary expense. Through reputable companies such as Howlett Associates, managers are confident about the safety of the working environment.