Legionella Services in Surrey and the UK

Posted on Apr 03, 2014

In the UK it is a legal requirement (under the ACOP L8 regulations) for organizations and businesses to undertake a legionella risk assessment of all the water services in any office building, work place or business connected premise as a first step in Legionnaires ’ disease prevention. As one of the leading water treatment specialists in the UK, Howlett Associates offers Legionella risk assessment Surrey services to employers, businesses and other organizations throughout Surrey, London and the UK.

Importance of Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionnaires’ disease, also known as legionellosis, is a type of pneumonia (or lung infection) that is caused by Legionella bacteria. The objective of risk assessments for legionella is to identify water systems in which legionella bacteria could potentially develop and cause the risk of people being exposed to harmful aerosol droplets. Legionella bacteria thrive in any water systems with sufficient nutrients to support multiplication and a temperature of 20-45 degree Celsius. The risk assessment and legionella treatment Surrey services for workplace premises are a prerequisite for eliminating the threat of Legionnaires’ disease, which may affect anyone who inhales steam or vapor or droplets of water containing the bacteria in water systems found in buildings, such as fountains and water features, vehicle wash systems, safety showers and sprinklers, spray humidifiers, air washers, wet scrubbers and misters, spa pools, cooling water towers, cooling water systems and evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and any other system or appliance containing water in which the bacteria could grow.

According to ACOP L8 regulations, employers, or anyone who controls premises or water systems in workplaces, should ensure that a legionnaires risk assessment is carried out as the first step toward a legionella treatment Surreyprocess and water hygiene program. The assessment should be carried out by a qualified professional who is licensed to do so. As one of the top water treatment companies, Howlett Associates has vast experience in carrying out legionella risk assessment and legionella treatment Surrey contracts for all types of customers in Surrey and the UK.

Legionella Risk Assessment in Surrey and the UK

Legionella risk assessments must be undertaken on a regular basis to main safe, healthy workplace premises and ensure compliance with regulations. A new risk assessment should be considered if: there have been changes to a water system, it has been more than two years since the last assessment, checks indicate that existing control measures are ineffective, there’s new information about risks, building use has changed, or a case of legionellosis is associated with the system. Howlett Associates’ experienced team of water treatment professionals offers comprehensive legionella risk assessments, including review of premise design, as well as operation and maintenance to help organizations reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens and legionella treatment Surrey programs.