The Importance of Water and Air Treatment

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

The quality of water and air is of the utmost important to the earth and the health of its inhabitants. Doing tests on air and water is the only real way to tell if they are safe. One of the most important things that companies such as Howlett Associates Water Ltd. can do is a legionella risk assessment. Legionella is a type of harmful bacteria. This bacterium can cause an illness that is known as Legionnaires Disease. It can also cause something known as Pontiac Fever, an illness that can be mistaken, as the flu as it produces flu like symptoms.

The good news is that when it comes to a legionella risk assessment Surrey company, Howlett Associates Water Ltd. has things covered. If it is found that water needs legionella treatment Surrey, the company can handle it.

Legionella in the Air

Although you feel that you should have a legionella risk assessment Surrey, professionals know that it is not just your water that must be looked at. A legionella risk assessment should also be done when it comes to the air supply as well. And if the air is found to be tainted, there must be a plan for legionella treatment Surrey and Howlett Associates Water Ltd. can take care of this as well.

Studies show that the source that is most common when it comes to the outbreak of legionella is cooling towers. While the United Kingdom has strict polices put in place to help prevent this from occurring, if even a small amount of this bacterium gets into the air, a major outbreak can occur since airborne bacteria can travel as far as 6 km from its origin.

There is current research being conducted to find a vaccine that can stop the contraction and spread of legionella, but scientists are still years away from developing a safe and effective vaccine. In the meantime, communities must stay vigilant in protecting citizens from this potentially fatal disease.


The key to preventing the spread of legionella is having proper ventilation systems in your home or business so that the air quality is at its best. The same goes for your water. Having a water filter in place on all faucets in a home keeps people much safer. Until a cure and/or vaccine can be found, these are the best steps everyone take to keep protect their families.