How Proper Water Treatment in London Can Benefit Your Health

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

One of the reasons that London water treatment is so critical is the prevention of the spread of disease. One disease that is frequently spread through water droplets is Legionnaires disease, a type of bacterial pneumonia. This can easily spread through spas, water spray systems, hot water heaters, and more. If your water system is between 20C and -45C, then you may be at risk for breeding Legionnaires disease. Luckily, Howlett Associates Water Treatment, Ltd. can be there to examine and treat your water. We offer water treatment services throughout London and surrounding areas to ensure Legionella and other bacteria are not breeding in your water supply.

Ensuring Your Health

There are many systems that operate at ideal temperatures that are ideal for Legionella and other bacteria. Our company examines each of these systems to ensure that your home or business is not spreading Legionnaires disease to the people drinking or bathing in your water. This requires diligence. This is the reason that we frequently contract with home and business owners for in and around London for water treatment.

The Process

There are several ways that are company works to provide water treatment in London and surrounding areas. First, we offer cleaning and disinfectant services for many different water systems. If there are bacteria living in these areas, it can easily be removed. Our professionals also inspect and test samples of water, for Legionella and other harmful bacteria. Some of the other services we frequently provide to our customers include chemical testing, weekly inspections for potentially hazardous water systems, and monitoring the temperature of your water. Some of the chemicals we frequently use include biocides, dispersants, and specialist inhibitors. Our years of experience at Howlett Associates guarantee that the services we provide to you will protect the safety of your building and its inhabitants.