Keep Your Water Safe and Your Workers Healthy – Get a Water Risk Assessment

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Water risk assessment programs are being organized by water treatment companies such as Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited to help ensure that anyone who works around a water system avoids every possible chance of contracting Legionnaires Disease, otherwise known as pneumonia. This is a lung infection that can be contracted through any water system that generates an aerosol. Such water systems include cooling towers and conditioning humidifiers, showers and spa baths, and irrigation systems.

It’s the Law

Water risk assessment tests are legally required to be carried out within the UK as a legionella risk assessment for any water system. The professionals at Howlett Associates have extensive experience in undertaking and completing water risk assessment tests, specializing in Legionella risk assessment.

Assessment Details

Legionella assessment programs have been specially developed, according to the given guidelines and practices officially recommend by the UK Health and Safety Executives L8. Requirements to be carried out for water risk assessment London services include

  • A full site survey to document the water systems in place
  • Photographs of the site and water systems in place
  • Asset register and risk rating for all plants and services
  • Recommendations and schematic drawing for all plants and services
  • A maintenance plan according to the risk rating and guidelines

It is important to maintain the utmost standards of safety when working around any water system. To find a highly qualified company providing Water Risk Assessment in London, begin with Howlett Associates Water Treatment Limited. They are knowledgeable and follow every guideline to ensure the best results with your assessment and maintenance plan. Keep your water safe and your workers healthy. Get a water risk assessment right away.