Legionella Risk Assessment for Water Systems in London

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd has been at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate Legionnaire’s Disease, a lung infection that may affect people in their workplaces. It is required by law in the UK to undertake Legionella Risk Assessment at workplaces in London in order to prevent this deadly disease from being passed from one person to another.

How to Carry Out This Important Risk Assessment?

As required by laws such as the UK Health and Safety Executive L8 (ACOP L8), and the guidelines of the Health and Safety Commission, the first step to making sure Legionnaire’s disease is banished from workplaces in London is to undertake a comprehensive London Legionella Risk Assessment. This will reveal how much exposure people in certain workplaces may have to this disease. It involves reviewing the facility’s design, maintenance, and operations at each workplace. A water treatment program may be instituted to help reduce the occurrence rate of pathogens carried by water.

How Will Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd Accomplish This?

We are an ISO-certified water treatment company and we have successfully carried out Legionella Risk Assessment in many workplaces in London. Our team are experts in the most advanced water treatment technology. We work strictly in accordance with the requirements of UK health laws and Code of Practice, such as the Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice, Guideline (L8) document and BS8580: 2010, which is the British standard for Legionella Risk Assessments. We usually review the existing water systems at the place of inspection, check the risk rating of all the systems, and make appropriate recommendations for improvements. We also manage the regular maintenance of water systems to make sure that everything is in compliance with the laws of the UK, and that people are not carelessly exposed to Legionnaire’s Disease.