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Water treatment is carried out in various ways. In addition to treating it mechanically and manually, another common method employed in disinfecting water is the use of chemicals. Chemical cleaning is a method which is widely used in water purification and treatment. There are varieties of chemicals available that could be applied to clean water. Lets discuss some of the chemicals used:

  • Algaecides- These are chemicals that kill blue or green algae when mixed in water. Copper Sulphate and iron salts are common forms of algaecides.

  • Chlorine dioxide- Chlorine dioxide is effective in removing the dangerous Leginonella from the water. It is also good in treating odour and taste problems in water and could be used for both cold and hot water systems. And most importantly chlorine dioxide has no harmful effects on human body.

  • Hydrogen peroxide- It is one of the most powerful and safe oxidants and therefore perfect for chemical cleaning of water. It is used in oxidising odour, toxicity and to remove organic and inorganic elements in water.

  • Ultraviolet radiation- It is another powerful process for water treatment. It is easy to use and comes at minimal cost. It doesnt lead to any change in odour or taste of water.

  • Ozone- It is widely used in industries to clean and disinfect water. It is a powerful oxidant that completely oxidises bacteria which come in contact with it.

  • Neutralizing Agents- These agents are used to increase and decrease the pH levels of the water. Calcium carbonate, dilute sulphuric acids are some types of neutralising agents that are used to alter the pH levels of water.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors- Corrosion means the conversion of a metal, in contact of water in to soluble compound. It can not only contaminate water but can also cause damages to machines such as washing machines and dishwashers. Inhibitors such as calcium, zinc etc., form a protective layer on the metals and prevent it from corrosion.

The advantage of use is that it could be used as per the level of contamination in water. Each one has its own advantages and are specific in cleaning task. However, chemical cleaning without expert help is not very effective. Howlett Associates Water Treatment specialise in providing cleaning solutions to households and companies.


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