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Legionella Risk Assessments for Water Systems

Health and safety of workers at the workplace is of utmost importance. Legionnaires’ disease, a lung infection (pneumonia) is one of the risks to the workers’ health. The risk of catching Legionnaires' disease maybe small compared to other life threatening pneumonias or other daily hazards but it should be addressed with as much urgency and seriousness. The source of the infection could be any system that generates an aerosol including cooling towers, air conditioning humidifiers, spa baths, showers, irrigation systems to name but a few. It is a legal requirement within UK to have a legionella risk assessment of all water systems.

Legionella Risk Assessment

A Legionella risk assessment is the first step towards a Legionella treatment and water hygiene program, compliance with the Health and Safety Executives Legionella approved code of practice and guidance document, ACOP L8. Howlett Associates Water Treatment Ltd. is a water treatment company which offers a Legionella Risk Assessment and water hygiene service. We have vast experience in undertaking and completing Legionella risk assessment contracts for multi-site customers on a nationwide basis.

Our Legionella risk assessment includes a review of facility design, operation, and maintenance and Legionella treatment treatment programs to help facilities minimise the risk of problems related to waterborne pathogens. Howlett Associates Water Treatment Legionella risk assessment and water hygiene programmes have been developed in accordance with the guidelines and recommended practices issued by the UK Health & Safety Executive L8 and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC).


Domestic Water, Cooling Towers & Process Water Systems

The Health & Safety Commission require building operators to ensure the water systems within buildings do not pose a risk to health to users or the public from Legionnaire’s disease, comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

In order to prevent or control legionella bacteria in water systems the initial start point is a Legionella risk assessment. Howlett are able to offer a full Legionella Risk Assessment of any given building in order to comply with the relevant legislation & guidelines. 

A Howlett Legionella Risk Assessment will require a site survey and be in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice & Guidance (L8) document & BS8580:2010 (British standard for Legionella Risk Assessments. The document will include: -     Review of existing records and assessment

  1. Lines of responsibility
  2. Full site survey of  Water Systems
  3. Asset register of all plant and services
  4. Risk rating of all plant and services
  5. Recommendations for all plant and services
  6. Schematic drawing of all plant and services
  7. Photographs
  8. Maintenance plan in accordance with risk rating and Guidelines

The Health & Safety Commission issue guidelines known as ACoP L8 on how to comply with the law.

The latest issue of the guidelines was in November 2013 -  HSC ACoP & Guidance L8.2013

The new publication came into effect in November 2013 and immediately supersedes previous versions of the guidance.

The changes with regard to Legionella risk assessments are summarised here:

The technical guidance has been removed from the new ACoP L8.
The guidance is now contained in HS274 which is split into three parts as follows:

HSG274 Part 1 - Cooling Water Systems.
HSG274 Part 2 - Hot and Cold Water Systems.
HSG274 Part 3 - Other Risk Systems.

The new ACoP L8 makes clear reference to COSHH, Health & Safety at Work Act, Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and gives guidance on how to comply. The new documents give improved guidance on how to comply with health and safety law.

Details concerning “Carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment” are now specifically included in the new ACoP.

The previous ACOP L8 gave a time period that legionella risk assessments must be reviewed after no more than two years. The new ACoP L8 states that they should be reviewed regularly or if there is a belief that the risk assessment is no longer valid. The ACOP gives a number of specific circumstances where risk assessments should be reviewed.

The HSE describe the legal status of the ACoP L8 as follows:

This Code has been approved by the Health and Safety Commission with the consent of the Secretary of State. It gives practical advice on how to comply with the law. If you follow the advice you will be doing enough to comply with the law in respect of those specific matters on which the Code gives advice. You may use alternative methods to those set out in the Code in order to comply with the law.

However, the Code has a special legal status. If you are prosecuted for breach of health and safety law, and it is proved that you did not follow the relevant provisions of the Code, you will need to show that you have complied with the law in some other way or a Court will find you at fault.

The ACOP now states that the Duty Holder is responsible for ensuring a risk assessment is carried out.  The Duty Holder is either:

A) the employer, where the risk from their undertakings is to their employees or others; or
B) a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or others; or
C) the person who is in control of premises or systems in connection with work, where there is a risk from systems in the building.

We're here to assist you in complying with the Legionella compliance with the law and ensuring your water systems function without risk to health.

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