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Legionella Water Control Products

Legionella & other Chemical Treatments

A complete range of water treatment products and chemical products manufactured to exacting standards to give utmost performance and reliability

Cooling Towers
Inhibitors - Biocides - Dispersants
Steam Boilers
Oxygen Scavengers - Dispersants - Conditioners
Closed Systems
Inhibitors - Biocides  - Dispersants - Glycol
Condensate Systems
Corrosion Inhibitors
Grease Pits
Domestic Water Systems
Shower head cleaners - Inhibitors - Biocides - Chlorine Dioxide
Swimming Pools
Biocides - pH Correction - Flocculants - Dispersants
Coil cleaners - Drip tray biocides
Pre treatment plant
Resin Cleaners

Pre Treatment Plant

The supply installation and service of all types and sizes of pre treatment plant
» Water Softeners
» Reverse Osmosis
» De Alkalisation
» De Mineralisation
» Iron removal Plant

Control and Dosage Equipment

A complete range of dosage and control equipment to monitor and control water treatment programmes to their designed parameters is available for any water treatment application.

» Cooling Water Control
» Steam Boiler Control
» Swimming Pool Control
» Closed System Control
» Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems
» Spray humidifier Control


A complete range of filtration options is available for all applications from odour and taste removal to sludge and mineral removal.
» Media Filters
» Carbon Activated Filters
» Wound Filters
» Hydro-Cyclone Filters

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