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Water Hygiene Services

Water hygiene should be of paramount importance to every company in the UK. Consumption of impure and unfit water may lead to many diseases such as Legionnaires, Eczema and other health disorders. However, some companies do not pay the required attention to the hygiene and therefore remain vulnerable to many diseases. Installing filters is not enough to make potable and safe. Environmental pollution has led to contamination with various types of harmful elements and minerals. And therefore requires a comprehensive treatment process to clean and filter it. There are many treatment solutions that could filter and make it fit for consumption.

To maintain water hygiene it is not only necessary to clean and filter before use but is equally important to clean the places where it is stored and the sources through which it flows to drinking fountains, bathrooms and kitchens. Pool and garden also needs to be treated for contamination to ensure overall hygiene. There are many bacteria that are born in tanks and pipes and therefore these needs to be properly maintained. This requires the deployment of a comprehensive treatment procedure to maintain water hygiene.

Water hygiene Treatment common methods include:

  • Water Conditioners- It is a low cost method which is good for treating hard water problems. It retains calcium after the filtration which is good for body.

  • Water Softeners- It is also excellent for treating hard water and making it fit for consumption. It reduces the concentration of calcium and magnesium in exchange of sodium.

  • Water Filters- Filters come in many varieties and functionalities. Activated carbon filters are not suitable for removing organic elements whereas Ultra Violet filters are good at killing bacteria.

  • Chemicals- Algaecide, Chlorine. Clarifiers and Sodium Ash are some of the chemicals that are used for cleaning and filtration. However, these needs to be used only after expert consultation as there are a few risks associated with it.

Alternatively, you could also use the services of company that will maintain and monitor water hygiene such as Howlett Associates Water Treatment providing comprehensive solutions all over the UK.

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